Portfolio of publishing projects.


Lakeside’s first century: A History of Purpose and Progress

By Kathrine Beck and the staff of HistoryLink. Produced by HistoryLink and Documentary Media; 9”x10” paperback, 232 pp.; ISBN-13: 9781933245515.

Copy editor, proofreader, indexer

SILENCE front cover.png

Silence on the bridge

By Leda Stegel Darlington. Published via KDP (2018), 6”x9” paperback, 200 pp.;
ISBN-13: 978-1724003683. Nonfiction—memoir—history—World War II—Italy.

Production manager, copy editor, proofreader, book designer

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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Environmental Travel Essays for a Changing World

By Sharon Sneddon. Published via IngramSpark (2018), 6”x9” paperback, 160 pp.; ISBN-13: 978-0692141038. Nonfiction—travel—environment—climate change.

Book designer



Published quarterly by the Washington State Historical Society; 8.5" x 11", ISSN 0892-3094. Washington and Pacific Northwest history. Winner of the 2016 American Association for State and Local History's Award of Excellence and the 2015 Washington Museum Association's Board Award of Merit.

Chief editor, 2012–2017; production editor, 1992–2017; art director and graphic designer, 1990–2017; copy editor and proofreader, 1988–2017



The Tail Gunner

By S. T. Lile. Published by Bering Street Studio (2014); 6.1"x9.2", paperback, 176 pp.; ISBN-10: 0989650502, ISBN-13: 978-0989650502. Fiction—romance novel—historical fiction—adventure fiction—World War II—young adult novel.


poyner-first sculptor.png

The First Sculptor of Seattle: The Life and Art of James A. Wehn

By Fred Poyner IV. Published via CreateSpace (2014); 8.5"x11", paperback, 346 pp.; ISBN-10: 1500106968, ISBN-13: 978-1500106966. Public art—sculptors—Washington (state)—Seattle—biography.

Copy editor, proofreader

stevenson-women's votes.png

Women's Votes, Women's Voices: The Campaign for Equal Rights in Washington

By Shanna Stevenson. Published by Washington State Historical Society (2009); 8.8"x11.5", paperback, 114 pp.; ISBN-10: 0917048741, ISBN-13: 978-0917048746. Women—suffrage—Washington (state)—history.

Production manager, copy editor, art director, proofreader

layman-river of memory.png

River of Memory: The Everlasting Columbia

By William D. Layman. Published by University of Washington Press and Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center (2006); 11.2"x9.2", hardcover, 160 pp.; ISBN-10: 0295985917, ISBN-13: 978-0295985916. Columbia River—history—pictorial.


carriker-ocian in view.png

Ocian in view! O! the joy: Lewis & Clark in Washington State

By Robert C. Carriker, illustrations by Roger Cook. Published by Washington State Historical Society (2005); 9.1"x6.6", paperback, 156 pp.; ISBN-10: 0917048733, ISBN-13: 978-0917048739. History—Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804–06)—pictorial—description and travel.

Production manager, copy editor, proofreader, book designer

ronda-beyond lewis and clark.png

Beyond Lewis & Clark:
The Army Explore the West

By James P. Ronda. Published by Washington State Historical Society (2003); 7"x10", paperback, 106 pp.; ISBN-10: 0295983566, ISBN-13: 978-0295983561. History—discovery and exploration—US Army Corps of Engineers.

Production manager, copy editor, art director, proofreader

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History Lab To Go! Experiments with the concepts & tools of the History Trade

By Stephanie Lile. Published by the Washington State Historical Society (2002); 8”x10.5", spiral bound, 48 pp. plus game cards, map, puzzles, and CD-ROM; ASIN: B001BO0G26. History—education. Received first prize in the American Alliance of Museums' 2003 Museum Publication Design Competition.

Book designer


Furusato: Tacoma-Pierce County Japanese, 1888–1997

By Ronald Magden. Published by Tacoma Longshore Book & Research Committee (1998); 6.6”x9.1", hardcover, 248 pp; ISBN-10: 0962961647, ISBN-13: 978-0962961649. Japanese Americans—Washington (state)—Pierce County—history.


wshs-in the presence.jpg

In the Presence of the Past: The Washington State History Museum

By Stephen Most, photography by Geff Hinds. Published by Washington State Historical Society (1996); 8.3”x10.8", paperback, 72 pp.; ISBN-10: 1569330034, ISBN-13: 978-1569330036. Washington State Historical Society—history—commemorative book.

Production editor, proofreader

mcclelland-window to the past.png

Window to the past: The Washington State Historical Society's First Century

By John McClelland Jr. Published by Washington State Historical Society (1992); 8.5"x8.2", paperback, 196 pp.; ISBN-10: 0917048695, ISBN-13: 978-0917048692. Washington State Historical Society—history.

Production manager, interior graphic designer, proofreader

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By J. Richard Nokes. Published by Washington State Historical Society (1991); 6.8"x8.8", hardcover, 352 pp.; ISBN-10: 0917048687, ISBN-13: 978-0917048685. Northwest Coast of North America—discovery and exploration—Columbia River—history.

Production manager, copy editor, proofreader


wshs-russian america.png


Edited by Barbara Sweetland Smith and Redmond J. Barnett. Published by Washington State Historical Society (1990); 8.8"x11.2", paperback, 255 pp.; ISBN-10: 0917048652; ISBN-13: 978-0917048654. Russians—Alaska—history—exhibitions.

Assistant editor, proofreader