What does your book project need?

I offer comprehensive publishing services for individuals and businesses. 

Editorial services

If you are an independent author who wants to publish your book professionally, you'll find expert help here. If you are a small publisher in need of out-of-house editing support, you've come to the right place. I offer three levels of editorial services:

  • Developmental/structural edit
  • Substantive/line edit
  • Copyedit/"mechanical edit"

Design & Production

If you are looking for an alternative to "publishing packages" and cookie-cutter templates, my design skills and years of experience in the publishing industry may be just the thing. I can help make sure your book meets the highest production standards with the following services:

  • Production management
  • Book design services
  • Proofreading

The world of book publishing can be confusing. I'm here to help. If you'd like a free, 20-minute, no-obligation consultation about your project to clear up some of the mystery, contact me today to schedule a call.